Monday, February 12, 2018


NEWS -  June 2018:

- Out on 2.July: Split EP with Alienata on Discos Atonicos, 2 tracks by Beta Evers (1 new one and 1 remix of "Only for my satisfaction" done by me), 1 track by Alienata. Limited to 200 copies

Other plans for 2018: 

- second half of 2018: working on new tracks with "Radikale Analog Fraktion"
- maybe, but only MAYBE preparing for 1-2 gigs later in 2018
- no solo-EP or LP in 2018!



Beta Evers - Walking the labyrinth (Mini-LP)
Label: Falco Invernale Records  Released: October

Beta Evers - Eruption (Re-issue; original EP from 2005)
Label: Sonic Groove Experiments Released:September

Beta Evers / Spatial Relation (Split EP)
Label: Peripheral Minimal Released: August

Tracks on compilations (all out in December 2017):
- Flying Bodies - Electrified, V.A. Electrified Bodies, Label Bodyvolt
- Black Pond - Mistress Eyes, V.A. Electrified Bodies, Label. Bodyvolt
- Radikale Analog Fraktion - Aktion Indirekt, V.A. Electrified Bodies, Label: Bodyvolt
- Someplace Dark - I am not like you. V.A. 5th 808 box. Label: Fundamental Records



not available until further notice. Probably going live with my side-project "Radikale Analog Fraktion" in the future instead of offering solo performances.